'Silver' Tiamat

Vital statistics
Name 'Silver' Tiamat
Kanji '銀'のティアマト
Romaji 'Gin' no Tiamato
Gender Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Affiliation Counterdragon
Status Deceased
First appearance
Light Novel Debut
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Anime Debut
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'Silver' Tiamat ('銀'のティアマト, 'Gin' no Tiamato) was the original Fourth Counterdragon, the predecessor of 'White' Leviathan and the previous holder of Code Vier, Antigravity. It was born to oppose the Fourth True Dragon, 'Heavy Tremor' Nova, and presumably succeeded in killing the fourth calamity, but perished at some point, causing Code Vier to be passed down to Leviathan.

Background Edit

Tiamat was born in response to Nova's arrival on Earth in the distant past. Using Code Vier, Antigravity, Tiamat presumably succeeded in killing Nova. However, at some point, Tiamat perished, causing Code Vier to be passed down 'White' Leviathan.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Anti-gravity: Tiamat's Authority, Code Vier, Antigravity, granted it the power to manipulate antigravity. It is unknown if Tiamat used Antigravity in the same manner as Leviathan did.

Trivia Edit

  • Tiamat's name is derived from the primordial goddess of the oceans and the chaos of primordial creation, which is incidentally where Tear Lightning's name is also derived.

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