'Transcendent Soul' Humanoid

Vital statistics
Name 'Transcendent Soul' Humanoid
Kanji '霊超'のヒューマノイド
Romaji 'Reichō' no Hyūmanoido
Gender Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Affiliation True Dragon
Status Inactive
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'Transcendent Soul' Humanoid ('霊超'のヒューマノイド, 'Reichō' no Hyūmanoido) is the Eighth True Dragon, the eighth of the calamities that have threatened the existence of Earth as a whole. It is described as a recurrence of the Second True Dragon, 'Ultimate Wisdom' Atlantis, in which modern technology had developed to the point where it posed a threat to Earth, in this case, nuclear technology. The threat it posed was neutralized by the first 'Grey' Vampire, Leonardo B. Lord.

Background Edit

The calamity known as the Eighth True Dragon occurred when human technology once again developed to the point where it posed a threat to Earth even after Atlantis's technology was destroyed by 'Verdant' Kiskanu. In this case, humans had developed nuclear technology, or more specifically, nuclear weaponry. In order to prevent the planet from being destroyed by nuclear war, Gaia birthed two Counterdragons with the intent to eliminate mankind's threat. The first was 'Grey' Vampire, Leonardo B. Lord, who possessed Code Acht, Dominance, while the other was his twin brother, 'Colorless' Fafnir, who possessed Code Lost, Causality Manipulation. However, realizing the danger of his Authority, 'Colorless' Fafnir refused to use it and left the task of stopping the eighth calamity to his twin brother. Leonardo B. Lord proceeded to use his Authority in a restricted manner to dominate mankind's leaders and prevent nuclear wars from occuring, thus putting an end to the eighth calamity without having to wipe out humanity in the process.

Trivia Edit

  • Humanoid's name is derived from the word used to describe something that possesses the appearance resembling a human being.

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