Basilisk Attacks
Kraken Attack
Vital statistics
Kanji 侵攻のバジリスク
Romaji Shinkō no bajirisuku
Season/Episode Season 1, Episode 8
Air Date February 26, 2015
Written by Yuki Enatsu
Directed by Keizō Kusakawa
Ending Ray of Bullet
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Basilisk Attacks (侵攻のバジリスク, Shinkō no bajirisuku) is the eighth episode of the Unlimited Fafnir anime series. It premiered on February 26, 2015.

Synopsis Edit

After news of 'Red' Basilisk's imminent approach reach Midgard, Brynhildr Class and Honoka are dispatched to lure it into a deserted island and destroy it. En route to the island, Yuu and Ariella witness a confrontation between Lisa and Mitsuki over the matter of Miyako Shinomiya's death. Later on that day, Yuu is visited by Firill, who explains to him that Lisa doesn't actually hate Mitsuki at all. At night, Yuu requests for Mitsuki to tell him what happened two years ago. Mitsuki consents, narrating how she met Miyako, the details of the battle against 'Purple' Kraken and Miyako's death at her hands. After hearing the whole story, Yuu requests for Mitsuki to ask Lisa to forgive her, which she eventually agrees to. The next day, Lisa confronts Yuu for meddling in this affair and states that she will think of a very difficult condition for Mitsuki to earn her forgiveness.

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Differences between Light Novel and Anime Edit

  • In the anime, Honoka takes part in the anti-Basilisk operation as well, while in the light novel she doesn't, as her true identity came to light during Hekatonkheir's attack.

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