Tear the Dragon Girl
Manga Chapter 10 Cover
Vital statistics
Volume 3
Chapter 10
Written by Tsukasa
Illustrated by Saburota
Published by Kodansha
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Tear the Dragon Girl is the tenth chapter of the Unlimited Fafnir manga series. It was published in the third manga volume.

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Upon walking up, Yuu notices a scar next to his dragon mark. After hearing a noise coming from Mitsuki's room, Yuu rushes in, only to see that Mitsuki is naked. While the two of them walk to school, Mitsuki scolds him for his recent lack of delicacy, with Yuu wondering whether this is a result of his memory loss.

During a physical examination, Yuu is escorted to the principal's office, where he is introduced to Charlotte B. Lord, Midgard's principal, and her secretary, Mica Stuart. After informing him that the purpose of the examination is to check the students' dragon marks for any change, Charlotte suggests to Yuu that they go and peek at the girls changing, only to be restrained by Mica. Before Yuu leaves, Charlotte informs him that the scar next to his dragon mark is like a medal that he should be proud of.

Back at class, Haruka informs everyone that 'Red' Basilisk has left its habitat in search of a mate, with its target being a D outside of Midgard. While Brynhildr Class discusses the recent developments, Yuu informs Iris that there are Ds who use their powers for evil and are designated as 'disasters', with everyone hoping that the girl targeted by Basilisk isn't among them. That night, Yuu recalls a D that he let go during his time at NIFL, hoping that she is living peacefully. The following day, Mitsuki introduces two new Ds, Honoka Tachikawa and Tear Lightning, the girl targeted by Basilisk, to the school assembly. Seeing that everyone is alarmed by Tear's horns, Mitsuki states that Tear is human, only to have Tear proclaim herself to be a Dragon. She then lashes out with her powers, but calms down after seeing Yuu, who had rushed to stop her. Upon learning his name, Tear declares that she will become his wife, much to everyone's shock.

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