Red-Winged Tiamat I
Manga Chapter 13 Cover
Vital statistics
Volume 3
Chapter 13
Written by Tsukasa
Illustrated by Saburota
Published by Kodansha
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Red-Winged Tiamat I is the thirteenth chapter of the Unlimited Fafnir manga series. It was published in the third manga volume.

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After suddenly appearing in Midgard, Hekatonkheir proceeds to crush the clock tower. Upon confirming the situation, Mitsuki sends Ariella to the dorms to evacuate everyone, asks Ren and Firill to remain on standby on the air and has Yuu and Iris join her in approaching Hekatonkheir from the ground. She also assigns Lisa as Tear's guard. Although Tear is reluctant to be seperated from Yuu, Lisa convinces her to trust him.

While approaching Hekatonkheir, Yuu confirms with Mitsuki that she wants him to use his Anti-Dragon Armament to destroy Hekatonkheir like he did three years ago. However, Yuu senses that something is wrong and rushes back to the dorm upon seeing an explosion occur there. Upon arriving, Yuu witnesses Honoka attacking Tear and Lisa, who proceeds to reveal her true identity, Kili Surtr Muspelheim. Following a brief conversation between the two, Yuu engages her in combat. Although initially outmatched, Yuu overpowers Kili by using his Fafnir mode, stabbing her in the abdomen. However, Kili hels her injury by using biogenic transmutation. At that moment, Hekatonkheir begins to move again and Kili retreats, stating that if Yuu can perform the same miracle as three years ago, they will meet again.

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