Basilisk Invades
Manga Chapter 16 Cover
Vital statistics
Volume 4
Chapter 16
Written by Tsukasa
Illustrated by Saburota
Published by Kodansha
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Basilisk Invades is the sixteenth chapter of the Unlimited Fafnir manga series. It was published in the fourth manga volume.

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After receiving the news that 'Red' Basilisk has begun crossing the sea in order to reach Midgard, the Counter-Dragon Squad prepares to head out in order to intercept it. Although Mitsuki attempts to have Yuu stay behind, he is eventually included in the operation due to his ability to produce antigravitational matter.

While touring the boat carrying them to the battlefield with Tear, Yuu witnesses an argument between Lisa and Mitsuki about the matter of Miyako. While pondering this matter, Yuu is approached by Firill, who informs him that Lisa doesn't truly hold a grudge against Mitsuki and asks him to try his best to resolve this problem.

That night, Yuu approaches Mitsuki and asks her to come to his room so they can talk. When she arrives, Yuu questions her about the incident with Miyako. Although reluctant, Mitsuki recounts the story of how Miyako turned into a Dragon and how she was forced to kill her alongside the original Kraken. Upon hearing the story and having understood the situation, Yuu 'orders' Mitsuki as her brother to ask Lisa what it would take to forgive her. Although hesitant, Mitsuki eventually agrees to do so.

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