Frontline on Distant Waters
Manga Chapter 17 Cover
Vital statistics
Volume 4
Chapter 17
Written by Tsukasa
Illustrated by Saburota
Published by Kodansha
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Frontline on Distant Waters is the seventeenth chapter of the Unlimited Fafnir manga series. It was published in the fourth manga volume.

Synopsis Edit

Yuu and his friends arrive at the deserted island designated as the battlefield against 'Red' Basilisk. There, Lisa confronts him about urging Mitsuki to ask for her forgiveness. When Yuu expresses his confidence in Mitsuki clearing any condition, Lisa states that she will think of an extremely difficult one. Once she takes her leave, Yuu is approached by Firill, who congratulates him and promises to reward him.

After training, Haruka proceeds to inform everyone of the true nature of Basilisk's power, Catastrophe, and that NIFL intends to destroy the Dragon by dropping a mithril-coated bomb named Mistilteinn on it. At the same night, Firill gives Yuu a coupon that will allow him to have the hot springs to himself for one night as his reward. While soaking in the spring, however, Yuu hears the girls approaching and conceals himself. He is then discovered by Firill, who informs Yuu that allowing him to witness the girls naked is part of the reward. Due to raising his voice, Yuu is almost discovered, but is saved from an emergency call that informs everyone that NIFL's operation has failed.

Back at the briefing room, Haruka informs everyone that the operation failed due to Basilisk possessing a third eye that could fire an even more powerful version of Catastrophe. Yuu proceeds to visit Iris' room after the briefing and tries to confess his feelings, but Iris asks him to do so after the battle so that they can remain focused on their task.

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