Mistilteinn Falls
Manga Chapter 18 Cover
Vital statistics
Volume 4
Chapter 18
Written by Tsukasa
Illustrated by Saburota
Published by Kodansha
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Mistilteinn Falls is the eighteenth chapter of the Unlimited Fafnir manga series. It was published in the fourth manga volume.

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The Counter-Dragon Squad begins its operation against Basilisk, with Lisa and Ren using the island as cover in order to snipe it. However, the Dragon somehow senses their presence and strikes preemptively using its third eye, with Lisa and Ren barely escaping and returning to the ship. Mitsuki then attempts to destroy the island with her antimatter arrow, but the attack is once again intercepted by Basilisk's enhanced Catastrophe. Mitsuki and Ren barely escape death thanks to Yuu's antigravity and the Counter-Dragon Squad retreats.

A while later, Yuu contacts Major Loki and asks for the Mistilteinn bomb as part of his plan to destroy Basilisk. During the briefing, Yuu explains his plan, which is based on the hypothesis that Basilisk cannot use the enhanced Catastrophe for more than five seconds, to use Mistilteinn to destroy the Dragon by adding additional mithril to it through dark matter transmutation. However, a problem arises when Mitsuki announces her intent to descend along with Mistilteinn in order to control its trajectory. When everyone else also volunteers to do so, Lisa announces to Mitsuki that she has decided on the condition required to forgive her. Lisa demands that Mitsuki include everybody who volunteered in the plan and make sure they return alive. Although somewhat hesitant at first, Mitsuki agrees to go through with it.

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