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Name Gaia
Affiliation Counterdragon
Status Alive
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Gaia is the very first Dragon that emerged in Unlimited Fafnir's world, being essentially the planet Earth itself, and the progenitor of all other Dragons.



Not much is known about Gaia's personality thus far, aside from the assumption that it holds itself and the life that grows on Earth dearly.


Several eons before the series began, Gaia faced its first calamity in the form of the First True Dragon, 'Hell' Gehenna, which it overcame through unknown means.

At some point in the past, an alien species arrived on Earth which would become known as the second calamity, 'Ultimate Wisdom' Atlantis, due to its advanced technology and civilization that was regarded a threat by the world. In response, Gaia birthed the second Counterdragon, 'Verdant' Kiskanu, to uproot the technology of Atlantis. However while Atlantis' civilization was lost, the survivors spread throughout the world, eventually becoming the ancestors of humanity.

Gaia would face many more calamities ahead that threatened its continued existence, summoning a new Counterdragon each time to oppose them. However, the seventh calamity, 'Disasterification' Apocalypse, succeeded in destroying the world, which prompted 'Black' Vritra, the seventh Counterdragon, to recreate the Earth and its inhabitants by utilizing her power over Dark Matter to do so.

Several centuries before the events of the series, upon seeing that humanity had once again attained a level of technology that could eradicate the planet, Gaia created two Counterdragons, 'Gray' Vampire and 'Colorless' Fafnir, to eliminate humanity. However, due to the fact that the holders of the Authorities exercised restraint in using their powers, the human race was spared from destruction.

Despite Vritra's claims that the world was unable to create any new Counterdragons to oppose the imminent ninth calamity since it was unable to defend itself against the seventh, Gaia generated an as of yet unidentified Authority and bestowed it upon Yuu Mononobe, transforming him into the Ninth Counterdragon.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Code Eins: Not much is known about the true nature of this Authority, but it's possible that it grants the life forms living on Earth Authorities tailored to oppose the calamities brought by the True Dragons.

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