Howling Fafnir
Babel Cannon
Vital statistics
Kanji 咆哮のファフニール
Romaji Hōkō no Fafunīru
Season/Episode Season 1, Episode 3
Air Date January 22, 2015
Written by Yuki Enatsu
Directed by Keizō Kusakawa
Ending Ray of Bullet
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Howling Fafnir (咆哮のファフニール, Hōkō no Fafunīru) is the third episode of the Unlimited Fafnir anime series. It premiered on January 22, 2015.

Synopsis Edit

While approaching Midgard, 'White' Leviathan is attacked by both the academy's defense system and the Counter-Dragon Squad. However, its powerful repulsive field renders all attacks ineffective and the Dragon goes through the first defense line with ease. Following that development, Yuu is summoned to the command center by Haruka, who informs him that NIFL troops have landed on Midgard with the purpose of killing Iris in order to prevent her from transforming into a Dragon. Yuu heads out to intercept them and knocks them out after a short battle. After that, Yuu and Iris head out to fight Leviathan, where they encounter a battered Mitsuki, who asks Yuu to let her kill Iris. Yuu refuses, leading to a brief fight between the siblings, which Yuu wins.

Yuu, Iris and Mitsuki proceed to meet with the rest of their classmates, where Yuu explains how Iris' explosion is their best weapon against Leviathan. Thanks to Iris' ability, the Counter-Dragon Squad is able to strike back against Leviathan, but are ultimately unable to defeat it. At that moment, Yuu is reminded of the deal he made three years ago with 'Green' Yggdrasil in order to destroy Hekatonkheir, who was attacking his hometown. Yuu reconnects with Yggdrasil and sacrifices a part of his memories in order to form an Anti-Dragon Armament, the Babel Cannon, by using Iris' dark matter. Thanks to it and Mitsuki's antimatter arrow, Leviathan is finally destroyed. In the aftermath of the battle, Major Loki congratulates Yuu for dealing with the Dragon. Afterwards, Yuu is called out by Iris, who asks to be his friend and kisses him on the lips as a sign of her gratitude.

Trivia Edit

Differences between Light Novel and Anime Edit

  • In the anime, Iris used explosion successfully for the first time against a NIFL soldier who threatened Yuu, while in the light novel, she used it in a controlled manner for the first time during the selection test for the Counter-Dragon Squad.
  • Yuu's battle against the NIFL troops and his duel with Mitsuki were mostly omitted.
  • In the light novel, Yuu first used the special artillery Megiddo by borrowing dark matter from Mitsuki against Leviathan, before resorting to making another deal with Yggdrasil in order to form the Babel main cannon by borrowing dark matter from Iris. In the anime, Yuu only formed Babel with assistance from Iris.

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