Iris Freyja
Iris Freyja
Vital statistics
Name Iris Freyja
Kanji イリス・フレイア
Romaji Irisu Fureia
Gender Female
Birthdate July 10th
Affiliation Midgard
Status Alive
Occupation Student
Private 2nd Class
Relatives Unnamed Parents †
First appearance
Light Novel Debut Volume 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyuu Rina Hidaka

Iris Freyja (イリス・フレイア, Irisu Fureia) is one of the main female characters in the Unlimited Fafnir series. She is a D, Student No 7 of Brynhildr Class and a member of the Dragon Subjugation Squad.


Yuu describes Iris as a pretty, young girl with fair skin, a large bust and pink eyes. She has extremely long, silver hair, which are usually accessorized with a ribbon. She is usually clad in Midgard Academy's standard female uniform and wears white knee high socks with black ribbons. Her dragon mark is located on her upper left abdomen.


Iris is portrayed as a clumsy and air-headed person, evident by the fact that she often forgets to wear panties and tends to lose her swimsuit whenever she swims. She can also be somewhat childish at times and a little slow on the uptake, something which she's shown to be very insecure about. However, Iris is also a very strong-willed person, having joined Midgard of her own volition after awakening as a D due to her belief that she had to step forward and fight the Dragons. She can also be quite persistent, as she refused to give up on attacking 'White' Leviathan, even though the situation was almost hopeless. She is very open-hearted, being the kind of person who easily forgives someone and attempts to get along with them. An example of this is the fact that she easily socialized with 'Black' Vritra, despite the fact that Vritra is a Dragon and an enemy at the time. Iris is also someone who doesn't hold on to negative feelings like hatred or revenge, although she enjoys getting back at others in a light teasing manner. Surprisingly enough, when Iris took a personality test, the result was that she had the traits of a sadist, a fact that greatly astonished others. Iris can also be quite bold when displaying her affection for Yuu Mononobe (examples of this include Iris entering the bath alongside him or undressing in front of him), but can get embarrassed as well.


Not much is known about Iris' background, other than the fact that one year before the events of the series, while she was vacationing with her parents, 'White' Leviathan sank the ship they were on. This accident resulted in the death of Iris' parents and her awakening as a D. Following this incident, Iris exposed herself as a D and was sent to Midgard, where she was placed in the Brynhildr Class.


Dragon's EdenEdit

V1 I1

Iris being seen by Yuu after losing her swimsuit

Iris was introduced for the first time in Volume 1, when she was seen naked by Yuu Mononobe while she was searching for her lost swimsuit. In her panic, she tried to attack him, only to be blasted away by her own power and sink to the sea unconscious. Yuu proceeded to drag Iris out of the water and cover her naked body with his shirt. When she came to, she was flustered upon noticing that Yuu was pinning her down, but calmed down when he explained that he was a NIFL soldier and that he was transferred to Midgard. Yuu then asked her to put on her clothes and for his shirt back, but Iris refused in fear of him sniffing her lingering scent and licking it all over. Their conversation was interrupted by Mitsuki Mononobe, who escorted Yuu away. During Brynhildr Class' introduction to Yuu, Iris apologized for calling him molester and pervert, while also stating that she no longer minded that he saw her naked or pushed her down, much to Yuu's dismay, since it caused a huge misunderstanding. When Brynhildr Class assembled for practice, Iris volunteered to go first, only to be blown away by causing another explosion and falling unconscious. Iris came to in the infirmary, with Yuu by her side, who admonished her for her attitude. Iris proceeded to explain to Yuu her reasons for wanting to join the Dragon Subjugation Squad and was touched when he offered to train together with her. During the selection test for the Dragon Subjugation Squad, Iris surprised everyone by using her trend of making every transmutation result in an explosion as an offensive weapon (something which was proposed by Yuu) to destroy the target diamond, passing the test. Later on, Iris called Yuu to the beach, thanking him and asking him why he had done so much for her. Upon hearing Yuu's answer that it was because she reminded him of the past Mitsuki, Iris was slightly disappointed, but was not discouraged. Although she tried to ask him to become his friend, they were interrupted by an alert announcing 'White' Leviathan's approach, while at the same time, Iris felt a sharp pain in her abdominal area.

The next day, Iris was absent from class and was discovered by Yuu on the school rooftop. Although reluctant at first, Iris showed her dragon mark, which had changed color, to him. While Iris was distraught over the fact that she might harm everyone if she turned into a Dragon, she was reassured by Yuu, who promised to kill her if it came down to it. While Yuu was guarding her, Iris tried to thank him in several stimulating ways, such as attempting to show him her panties or scrubbing his back, much to his embarrassment. When Leviathan penetrated the first defensive lines, Iris was made to follow Yuu after Haruka Shinomiya called for him. She then accompanied Yuu when the latter set out to deal with the NIFL troops that had been sent to kill Iris.
V1 I10

Iris expressing her gratitude by giving Yuu her first kiss

After this crisis was dealt with and Yuu settled things with Mitsuki through a 'duel', Iris used her explosion power to attack Leviathan. Although she was unable to inflict any major damage, she refused to give up and kept on attacking. The situation seemed hopeless, but Yuu turned things around by borrowing dark matter from Iris to construct an Anti-Dragon Armament, destroying Leviathan with the help of the Dragon Subjugation Squad. In the aftermath of the battle, Iris called Yuu to the beach and asked him to be his friend. When Yuu replied that he already thought of them as friends, Iris kissed him as a sign of her gratitude for everything he had done for her.

Scarlet InnocentEdit

During Brynhildr Class' conversation about 'Red' Basilisk's approach in Volume 2, Iris was surprised when she found out from Yuu that there were Ds who used their powers to cause harm. When Tear Lightning was brought in Brynhildr Class, Iris immediately displayed an antagonistic behavior towards her due to Tear's clingy attitude towards Yuu. After Tear's Fictional Armament went berserk, Iris also aided the rest of Brynhildr Class in subduing the rampaging Tear. Iris also took part in the Class' beach party, playing together with Tear.

V2 I9

Iris arguing with Tear over Yuu

When Hekatonkheir appeared in Midgard, Iris joined Yuu, Mitsuki, Firill Crest and Ren Miyazawa in attacking the Dragon, but failed to inflict any lasting damage due to its regeneration abilities. Upon the convergence of the entirety of the Dragon Subjugation Squad in Yuu, Tear and Lisa's position, Iris joined the rest of her classmates in repelling Hekatonkheir's attacks. Thanks to Yuu's newly acquired anti-gravity, Iris and the rest were able to push Hekatonkheir towards the sea, where Yuu finished it off with an Anti-Dragon Armament. In the aftermath of the battle, Iris visited Yuu in the infirmary, where she got into an argument with Tear over the latter's declaration that she would become his wife. Their quarrel was interrupted by the arrival of the rest of their classmates, with the two of them being sent out by Mitsuki shortly afterwards.

Crimson CatastropheEdit

In Volume 3, Iris was one of the members chosen for the anti-Basilisk operation and joined the rest of her classmates in the ship that would transport them to the chosen battlefield, a volcanic island. While discussing with Yuu, Iris assured him that, despite what happened in the past, she had no problem traveling by ship. She then proceeded to invite him to her cabin, but their conversation was interrupted by Tear, who dragged Yuu away. Upon arriving at the island, Iris joined her classmates in visiting its hot springs, but their bath was interrupted by an emergency call announcing that NIFL would begin their operation the next day.

After the failure of NIFL's operation, Iris started training alongside her classmates in preparation for Midgard's operation, improving her aim with her explosion power. Iris was surprised when Yuu visited her room later on, but was quite happy. When Yuu tried to express his feelings for her, Iris cut him off, stating that they had to focus on the operation first. Following the failure of Midgard's attempts to destroy Basilisk, Iris used her Mithril explosions to cover their retreat. During the argument between Mitsuki and Lisa due to the former's insistence to descend along with Mistilteinn, Iris volunteered to be part of the descent team along with the rest of her classmates.
V3 I10

Yuu reveals his secret to Iris

During the operation, Iris used her explosion to blind Basilisk and lent her dark matter to Yuu so that he could construct an Anti-Dragon Armament. The operation was a success and Basilisk was destroyed. In the aftermath of the battle, Iris was approached by Yuu, who revealed everything about his contract with 'Green' Yggdrasil and the loss of his memories, along with his feelings for her and Mitsuki. Iris responded by saying that she was happy that the current Yuu loved her and promised to help him retrieve his memories, but was curious as to why Yuu trusted Yggdrasil, since he was technically their enemy.

Spirit HowlingEdit

After Kili Surtr Muspelheim's request for Midgard's aid in Volume 4, Iris joined Brynhildr Class in journeying to the Principality of Erlia in order to retrieve Kili. During the sightseeing trip around Erlia with Kili, Iris mistakenly thought that Yuu was trying to kiss Firill in the Great Waterfall of Erlia and got upset with him over the fact that Mitsuki might see this. However, she also thought that Yuu was trying to kiss her when he approached her in order to speak to her ear due to the loud noise and promised to kiss him later. When 'Yellow' Hraesvelgr attacked the royal ball in order to claim Kili, Iris joined the Dragon Subjugation Squad in intercepting the Dragon, transferring her dark matter to Mitsuki in order to boost her attack power. However, all their attacks were ineffective and Iris was paralyzed alongside everyone else by Hraesvelgr's Ether Wind, forcing her to simply watch as the Dragon consumed Albert Crest's soul, which was trying to protect Firill, and left.

V4 I7

Iris asks Yuu to remember their kiss

After Brynhildr Class returned to the palace, Iris was surprised when Yuu visited her in her room, thinking that he sought the kiss she had promised him. However, she was upset and saddened to find out that Yuu intended to borrow Yggdrasil's power in order to defeat Hraesvelgr, which would mean that Yuu would lose more of his memories. After calming down somewhat, Iris asked Yuu to recount his memories to her so that she could remember them for him. Before he left, Iris kissed him, asking him to at least remember that kiss, which he promised to do. During the final battle against Hraesvelgr, Iris supplied Yuu with dark matter alongside Mitsuki and Firill so that he co
V4 I10

Iris promises to reclaim Yuu's memories

uld construct the Noah turrets, which weakened Hraesvelgr enough to allow the Dragon Subjugation Squad to destroy it. In the aftermath of the battle, Iris was once again visited by a distraught Yuu, who revealed to her that he had lost all his memories from the time of his birth until he was picked up by NIFL and could no longer see Mitsuki as his sister. Iris comforted Yuu, stating that the fact that he felt so sad was proof that he still saw her as family. Afterwards, Iris resolutely declared that she would retrieve Yuu's memories, even if it meant that she would have to defeat Yggdrasil.

Midgard's CarnivalEdit

In Volume 5, Iris was absent from class due to being sick. After she was visited by Yuu and her classmates, Iris apologized to Yuu for not having done anything to retrieve his memories yet. After expressing her distrust over Yggdrasil's motives, Iris suggested that Yuu should also ask for help from someone else. The next day, Iris was fully recovered and participated in Brynhildr Class' discussion about their theme for the upcoming school festival. When Yuu informed her later on that Lisa had asked him to be her boyfriend, Iris was distraught, but calmed down after hearing his explanation.

Two weeks later, Iris was shocked to hear that both Hekatonkheir and Yggdrasil had vanished after engaging in battle. After that, Iris discussed this matter with Lisa and Yuu, declaring that she would do everything in her power to help restore Yuu's memories. When Yggdrasil invaded Midgard during the second day of the
V5 C3

Iris manifests Catastrophe for the first time

school festival, Iris was captured by the Dragon alongside Ren, Firill and Lisa's parents. After Yuu rescued everyone with Lisa's help, Iris pleaded with Yggdrasil to return Yuu's memories to no avail. Although the Dragon Subjugation Squad tried to destroy the Dragon, Yggdrasil's influence over dark matter and machinery made fighting it impossible. When Yuu was injured while shielding her, Iris' anger enabled her to use the ability which she had inherited from Basilisk, Catastrophe, to destroy Yggdrasil. In the aftermath of the battle, Iris visited Yuu in the infirmary alongside the rest of her classmates, apologizing for the fact that he got injured while protecting her. Yuu, however, told her not to be concerned, thanking her for saving him.

Emerald TempestEdit

In Volume 6, Iris was dispatched to Asgard's First Laboratory in Japan alongside the rest of Brynhildr Class in order to participate in the plan against Yggdrasil. After being introduced to Kenya Miyazawa and witnessing Kili's assault, Iris participated in the meeting where Kenya explained the true nature of Yggdrasil and the countermeasure he had developed against the Dragon. Afterwards, Iris was interviewed alongside Yuu, Tear and Mitsuki, refusing however to exhibit her ability to use Catastrophe due to Yuu's request.

V6 C3

Iris asks Yuu to examine her body

During Brynhildr Class' visit to an amusement park in order to improve the relationship between Yuu and Ren, Iris conspired with the rest to give the two of them some alone time in the Ferris wheel. Following Tear's brief kidnapping by Jeanne Hortensia, Iris returned back to the lab along with everyone else. Afterwards, Iris was approached by Yuu in her room. There, Yuu revealed to her that she had used Catastrophe previously without going through dark matter transmutation, something which might lead to her being classified as a Dragon. Iris expressed her surprise at this and requested for Yuu to examine her body for anything abnormal. The two of them almost kissed in the heat of the moment, but were interrupted from a call Yuu received from director Miyazawa.

After Yggdrasil started extending its branches in order to expand its zone of interference, the Counter-Dragon Squad started attacking the branches in order to approach its main body, with Iris remaining on standby alongside Yuu. Thanks to Tear's new found abilities as a result of the modification performed on her horns by Kili, the Dragon Subjugation Squad was able to approach Yggdrasil's main body, where Iris used her Catastrophe to great effect. Iris also joined the rest of her classmates in transferring their thoughts to Yuu, enabling him to fire an enhanced shot from his Noah turret and damage Yggdrasil's soul. Following the hijacking of Yggdrasil's core by Tear, Iris accompanied everyone back to the lab.

Black NemesisEdit

In Volume 7, upon arriving at the Asgard lab alongside the rest of her classmates, Iris was surprised to see that it was heavily damaged. After Brynhildr Class was brought to Yuu and Mitsuki's home, Iris introduced herself to Yuu's parents alongside everyone else. Later that night, she visited Yuu's room upon his request, where Yuu informed her that Tear could restore his memories. Although overjoyed at first, her enthusiasm was dampened somewhat when Yuu stated that his current feelings for her might change. Despite that, she insisted that Yuu should recover his memories and asked to have a date with him tomorrow before he returned back to his old self.

V7 C2

Iris kisses Yuu

The following day, Iris and Yuu took a stroll around town, finishing at a park near the house. There, Iris and Yuu shared a kiss, but were spotted by Mitsuki. Before she could leave, Iris restrained her, explaining that Yuu would soon return back to the self who treasured Mitsuki the most, before leaving to call Tear. Although Iris was glad for the restoration of Yuu's memories, their elation was short-lived due to the sudden appearance of 'Black' Vritra, who assumed the form of a young girl to speak with Tear. Following a brief discussion, it was decided that everyone would tour Nanato City to jog Yuu's memory, with Iris roping Vritra into joining them. During their visit to an observation platform, Iris and Mitsuki got into an argument, with each trying to yield Yuu to the other, which was interrupted by their classmates' arrival. After bringing a battered Kili and an unconscious Jeanne to Mitsuki's house, Iris was shocked when she was informed of the existence of Kraken Zwei by Haruka alongside the rest.

After arriving at a NIFL base and being briefed by Haruka, Iris then took part in the operation to vanquish the hybrid alongside Mitsuki, Yuu, Ren and Ariella, which ended with Zwei's imprisonment in a Mithril-covered hole due to Mitsuki's inability to shoot her. Shortly after returning to base, Iris was informed alongside the rest of her classmates that Vritra was coming in order to eliminate Mitsuki, the only person who could defeat Kraken Zwei, and expressed her reluctance to fight her, since she believed they could come to understand one another after the brief time they spent with her. Following the destruction of Vritra's dragon stand-in and Mitsuki collapsing from a poisoned wound inflicted by Vritra, Iris begged Yuu not to kill her, since she might have the antidote for the poison. At that moment, however, Iris' dragon mark started changing color as one of the girls who had participated in the battle against Kraken Zwei due to the hybrid's ability to mark multiple Ds as mates, much to her shock.

Amethyst RebirthEdit

V8 C1

Iris while playing tennis with Lisa

In Volume 8, following the battle against Vritra, Iris joined the rest of Brynhildr Class in relocating to a mountain villa in order to evade NIFL. After having everyone's dragon marks examined following Kraken Zwei's escape from its makeshift prison, Iris was surprised to find out that hers was not exhibiting any further changes. Shortly afterwards, everyone was notified that intruders were approaching the villa. During Yuu and company's fight with the NIFL troops, Iris looked after the sleeping Mitsuki and was caught in the destruction of the villa. In her desperation to save herself and Mitsuki, Iris' body underwent changes, growing red scales similar to those of Basilisk and exhibiting increased physical strength, which allowed her to push the debris away. When Yuu came to check up on her, Iris asked him to stay away, but eventually relented and showed him the altered parts of her body, expressing her fear that she might become a Dragon at this point.

V8 I8

Iris after becoming Yuu's mate

Due to the destruction of the villa, Brynhildr Class was forced to relocate to a volcanic crater lake in order to plan their operation against Kraken Zwei. Iris was assigned to the attacking team consisting of Lisa, Firill and Tear, which would take action should persuasion fail. During the operation against the hybrid, Iris was on standby alongside the rest of the attacking team. Upon hearing that Haruka had been struck down by Zwei, she attacked her in anger by using her Catastrophe, but was unable to penetrate her defenses before running out of power. When she realized that Yuu had been defeated by Kraken Zwei, Iris rushed to his side by further dragonifying her body to increase her power. However, despite her enhanced Catastrophe, Iris was outmatched by Kraken Zwei, who then attempted to mark her as her mate. At that moment, however, Yuu's nature as a Dragon awoke, allowing him to mark both Iris and Zwei as mates, reverting them back to human form. Although Iris was happy at first, she got annoyed with him upon realizing that he had also marked Zwei. Following the conclusion of the battle, Iris approached Yuu on the helicopter transporting them back to Midgard alongside everyone else, expressing her displeasure that Yuu had marked the entire Brynhildr Class and Kili as his mates. She then got into another argument with Mitsuki, attempting to yield Yuu to her, which was interrupted by everyone's demand for Yuu to take responsibility for marking them, prompting Iris and Mitsuki to laugh upon realizing how foolishly they had been acting.

Cerulean EngageEdit

V9 I3

Iris takes a bath with Yuu

In Volume 9, Iris visited Yuu in Charlotte's room, where he had confined due to the fact that he had marked the girls of Brynhildr Class and Kili as mates. After expressing her happiness for seeing Yuu again, Iris asked for the two of them to bathe together, much to Yuu's embarrassment. While washing his back, Iris expressed her desire to look after him and become his wife. The two of them then proceeded to talk about everyone's condition, with Iris revealing that Tear had been feeling down and asking Yuu to try and visit her in order to cheer her up. However, at that moment, they were interrupted by Charlotte, who, after joining them in the bath, warned them not to try and sneak out. Iris was then surprised to hear that Yuu might be a Dragon and that she was now probably one as well, but reassured Yuu that she had no problem with this. However, she was shocked to hear from Charlotte that she might have to be confined in Midgard for the rest of her life alongside any other girl who would choose to come into contact with Yuu due to the fact that they wouldn't lose their powers even in adulthood. Following a water fight between her, Charlotte and Yuu, Iris was escorted outside by Mica.

During NIFL's attempt to invade Midgard under the pretext of an inspection, Iris was led to Charlotte's underground cottage alongside the rest of the marked Ds, Shion, Jeanne and Vritra by Haruka in order to hide from NIFL. While settling down in their rooms, Iris accidentally came across a picture of Charlotte and her father, with Yuu and Jeanne being shocked at his resemblance to Major Loki. Following Ariella's defection to NIFL, Iris joined the rest of the class in heading out to combat NIFL and rescue Ariella, encouraging Yuu to do his best.

Invisible SuccessorEdit

V10 I1

Iris announces her intent to follow Yuu as his mate

In Volume 10, Iris joined the rest of Brynhildr Class, Kili, Jeanne, Shion and Vritra in heading to Charlotte's office in order to protect her from NIFL. On their way there, she had a brief discussion with Yuu, declaring that she wished to stay close to him as his mate, while also having him promise not to kill anyone. Upon arriving at Charlotte's office, Iris was just as shocked as the rest to see her bleeding, but calmed down once Charlotte explained that she had done this to herself. After she explained her plan of action, Charlotte asked everyone if they were afraid of her, with Iris replying that she wasn't since Charlotte was the principal. After receiving information that Ariella was approaching from underground, Iris headed there alongside Yuu, Ren, Mitsuki, Tear and Kili to intercept her and Sleipnir, and was placed in the rearguard alongside Tear and Mitsuki. Although their abnormal abilities made the situation difficult, Iris and the rest were able to defeat Ariella and Sleipnir due to Yuu's new found ability to share feelings and thoughts with his mates. Following Ariella's transformation into Yuu’s kind, Iris welcomed her back alongside the rest.

After heading to the surface, Iris and the rest were surprised to see that a blood mist had enveloped Midgard and had rendered everyone unconscious. Upon meeting up with Lisa and Firill and encountering Mica, who explained that the mist was a result of Charlotte losing control of her powers, everyone rushed to the front gate in order to investigate an explosion. There, they came across Major Loki, accompanied by two Hreidmars. Following a brief discussion between him and Yuu, Iris and the rest were urged by Yuu to flee due to Loki's Code Lost being capable of killing people by thought alone.

While Yuu and Charlotte struggled to control their rampaging Authorities, Iris appeared before Yuu alongside the rest of Brynhildr Class, asking him to trust everyone and share Code Lost with them. Afterwards, Iris lent her dark matter to Yuu alongside everyone else in order for him to construct the Anti-Dragon Armament Abyss, which enabled him to eliminate all traces of Charlotte's blood mist from Midgard. When Babel Replica was about to fire on the island, Iris and the rest also lent their dark matter to Ariella so that she could construct her most powerful shield to block the shot while Tear disabled the cannon, bringing the battle to an end.

Prismatic GardenEdit

V11 I1

Iris is embarrassed about Yuu seeing her panties

In Volume 11, Iris thanked Charlotte for her hospitality as she and the rest of Brynhildr Class, Kili, Vritra, Jeanne and Shion prepared to move into Mitsuki's quarters. She also stated that she would watch over Yuu carefully in order to prevent him from having any affairs. While everyone was busy moving their belongings to Mitsuki's dorm, Iris found Yuu resting and scolded him, but calmed down when he explained that he was simply taking a break. When he caught sight of her panties, Iris was embarrassed, but stated it was fine since it was him. After Yuu teased her about it, Iris playfully threatened to report him to Mitsuki before leaving. Later on, Iris participated in a game that would decide who would get the room next to Yuu's, although she was swiftly eliminated like the rest. The following day, Iris watched the introduction of the new students and welcomed Jeanne, Shion, Kili and Vritra in Brynhildr Class alongside the rest of her classmates.

After Charlotte announced her intent to hold a school festival and Brynhildr Class decided to help with Haruka's yakisoba stall, Iris joined the rest of her classmates in learning how to make yakisoba during their weekend barbecue party. While there, Iris and the rest of the girls were convinced that Yuu had a fetish for breasts due to Shion's misleading words. Upon witnessing Charlotte trying to expose her breasts to Yuu, Iris misunderstood the situation and blasted her away with her explosion. Thinking that Yuu wanted to see Charlotte's breasts, Iris proceeded to bury his face in her bosom, asking him to quit staring at other people's chests if he was satisfied with this. During the festival, Iris participated in goldfish scooping alongside Yuu, Tear, Jeanne and Firill and decided to buy a fish tank in order to keep their fish.

Darkness DisasterEdit

V12 I1

Iris comforts Yuu

In Volume 12, after being informed of Mitsuki's status as the host of the Ninth True Dragon, Iris joined the rest of Brynhildr Class in watching over her, taking the first shift. When Yuu informed her that he thought of Mitsuki as the one dearest to him, Iris stated that she was aware of that all along since she knew his thoughts. She was shocked when Yuu revealed to her that these feelings might stem from his instincts as a Counterdragon, but expressed her belief that things would work out for sure. When Charlotte informed everyone about the appearance of unknown territories around the world, along with that of the Fifth True Dragon, 'Eternal Longevity' Bahamut, Iris was surprised when Yuu suggested that her Authority might be the key to defeating the calamity.

V12 I6

Iris is scolded by Kili

After Tear proposed to recreate Marduk by borrowing Dark Matter from the entire student body, Iris also lent her Dark Matter to Yuu. Following the construction of the battleship Marduk and their departure for NIFL's defense line, Iris shared her cabin with Mitsuki, attempting to console her about the issue of Yuu's feelings. Seeing that Mitsuki was becoming distraught, Iris ended the conversation and insisted for Mitsuki to take a shower, forcefully stripping her in the process. Shortly before the operation's start, Iris chatted with Yuu and Kili, claiming that, while she could use Catastrophe, she wasn't fully aware of its limits, prompting Kili to scold her and state that she had to put more thought into things. When the conversation turned to Bahamut and its reasons for coming to Earth to absorb heat energy instead of the sun, Iris expressed her belief that it might have preferred the Earth due to its quality. After the battle began, Iris attempted to use Catastrophe, but its output proved to be insufficient to weather Bahamut away, forcing the Dragon Subjugation Squad to retreat.

In order to come up with a way to defeat Bahamut, Iris, Yuu, Vritra, Shion and Mitsuki had a discussion to find out a method for Iris to enhance Catastrophe's output. After Yuu shared his experience when he unleashed the original power of Ether Wind and Mitsuki pointed out that Basilisk's Third Eye of Catastrophe was probably an organ specifically developed to counter Bahamut, the conclusion was that Iris had to discover the location of her Authority and temporarily turn into Basilisk in order to use its full power. Following that conversation, Iris left with Vritra in order to find out where her Authority resided. During the second operation against Bahamut, Iris unleashed her enhanced Catastrophe against it, but her attack was blocked by the Sixth True Dragon, 'Anomalous Dawn' Nyarlathotep, which was impervious to Catastrophe's effects. After Shion successfully destroyed Nyarlathotep with her Antimatter, Iris was able to strike at Bahamut unhindered, vanquishing it. However, the darkness formed from Bahamut's trail attempted to consume Iris and everyone else, only to be absorbed by Mitsuki through her use of Code Neun. In the aftermath of the battle, Iris ran into Mitsuki and offered to accompany her to the deck. However, Mitsuki coldly rejected her, expressing her jealousy for Iris and her fear that Yuu's feelings for her would fade away once the Ninth True Dragon was defeated, much to Iris' shock. Declaring herself to be everyone's enemy due to not wishing to see such a future pass, Mitsuki proceeded to attack Iris and knock her out.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dark Matter Generation: Like every D, Iris can generate and manipulate dark matter. However, any transmutation that Iris attempts always ends up in an explosion, even the transmutation of Mithril, which is theoretically impossible to explode. Thanks to Yuu's help, Iris was able to utilize this trait as a powerful offensive weapon, with her high-level spatial awareness granting her great precision when targeting something with her explosion, along with being able to perfectly direct it.

  • Caduceus: Iris' Fictional Armament, which takes the form of a long, silver-white staff. Iris usually chants an incantation, 'Come, come, fragments of the Far Beyond...', before performing transmutation.
    • O Holy Silver, Explode: By transmuting Mithril, Iris can generate an explosion with power equivalent to that of a Mithril grenade at long distances. The explosions were capable of penetrating Leviathan's repulsive field and even caused great damage to Basilisk.
    • O Bullet of Wind, Crush It: Iris transmutes Dark Matter in front of her staff, which gathers the wind around her into a massive amount of compressed air that is fired as a projectile. Depending on the air's compression ratio and speed, it can produce an impact capable of shattering diamonds.
    • O Raindrops, Scatter: Iris manifests Dark Matter around her target and transmutes it into water drops that fall on them and explode due to her unique ability.
    • O Gale, Explode: Iris transmutes wind into compressed air which causes an explosive storm. This attack was shown to be strong enough to partially destroy the giant Hekatonkheir.
    • O Holy Silver, Descend: Iris transmutes Dark Matter into countless fragments of Mithril that rain down and explode around her target.
  • Caduceus Catastrophe: After Basilisk's defeat, Iris inherited its Authority, Code Fünf. When channeling her Catastrophe through her staff, it turns red and enables her to fire red beams which can weather down objects as if two thousand years have passed in an instant. Unlike Yuu and Mitsuki, Iris can channel her Catastrophe directly without having to transmute it from dark matter and in a scale that surpasses Basilisk's power. However, Iris' body started changing into that of a Dragon the more she used Catastrophe. During the battle against Kraken Zwei, Iris' body further dragonified because of her desire for more power and she displayed the power to fire the enhanced version of Catastrophe from a third eye generated on her staff, as well as the normal form from her eyes. However, after being selected by Yuu Mononobe as a mate and turning into the same kind as him, the changes on Iris' body were reversed and she now requires dark matter transmutation in order to generate Catastrophe. In order to fully envelop massive targets like 'Eternal Longevity' Bahamut with Catastrophe, Iris has to sacrifice power output to increase the area of effect's size, resulting in a lower acceleration of time. However, after discovering the location of her Authority, Iris was able to use the full potential of her Catastrophe by generating a third eye on her staff and firing the enhanced form of Catastrophe directly from it to destroy Bahamut.
  • Biogenic Transmutation: In Volume 8, Iris performed biogenic transmutation to generate a third eye on the tip of her staff in order to fire the enhanced version of Catastrophe. She was shown performing this feat once more during the battle against Bahamut in order to once again generate the Third Eye of Catastrophe.

Code Lost: In Volume 10, Iris acquired a part of Code Lost after Yuu split the scrapped Authority between his mates.

Code Neun: As one of Yuu's mates, Iris possesses his Authority, Code Neun. While the true nature of the Authority and its full capabilities are unknown, it was shown to be capable of suppressing the Ninth True Dragon's End Matter.


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  • Caduceus is the name of the staff used by the god Hermes in Greek Mythology.
  • Iris' surname originates from Freyja, goddess of beauty and love in Norse Mythology.
  • Due to her name and the fact that she's used to cold climates, it's possible that Iris comes from a northern European background, most likely a Scandinavian country.
  • It's implied that Iris kept Yuu's shirt from their first meeting, and that she often sniffs Yuu's lingering scent, hugs it against her bosom and wears it as sleepwear.
  • In the anime, Iris was able to use her explosion without training, whereas in the light novel, she had to undergo special training alongside Yuu in order to master its use.
  • Yuu has theorized that Iris' explosions are a result of her power being used incorrectly (much like how machines break down if used in the wrong way), speculating that she might be capable of something amazing if she could properly use her powers.
  • Iris' seat in the classroom, on the back row next to the window, belonged to Haruka Shinomiya back when she was a student.
  • Iris is one of the only four girls to have kissed Yuu on the lips so far.
    • She also holds the record of the most kisses with Yuu.