Leonardo B. Lord

Vital statistics
Name Leonardo B. Lord
Gender Male
Affiliation Counterdragon </br> Asgard
Status Deceased
Relatives 'Colorless' Fafnir (Twin Brother) †
Unnamed Wife †
Charlotte B. Lord (Daughter)
Loki Jotunheim (Distant Relative)
First appearance
Light Novel Debut
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Anime Debut
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Leonardo B. Lord, also known as the first 'Gray' Vampire, is one of the Dragons that appear in the Unlimited Fafnir series. He was killed 22 years before the start of the series by Loki Jotunheim's father.


Leonardo had the appearance of a young man with silver hair, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Loki Jotunheim.



Leonardo was born centuries prior to the start of the series. At some point, both he and his older twin brother simultaneously obtained Authorities as Counterdragons and understood that their purpose was to protect the world from humanity's civilization. However, the older brother left the responsibility of protecting the world from the Eighth True Dragon, 'Transcendent Soul' Humanoid, to Leonardo, choosing not to use his own Authority.

Due to the awakening of his Authority, Leonardo obtained immortality and used his power to manage mankind from behind the scenes. Ten years before the first Dragon disaster, Leonardo got married and had a daughter named Charlotte. However, during his daughter's 13th birthday, he and his wife were killed by a descendant of his brother (Loki's father). After his death, his Authority was passed on to Charlotte.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dominance: Leonardo's Authority, Code Acht, gave him the ability to control others by injecting his saliva or blood into his target. Due to the fact that his Authority would rob mankind of its free will in full power, Leonardo used it sparingly by only controlling the people in positions of power. This ability was passed onto his daughter, Charlotte, upon his death.

  • Immortality: Leonardo possessed a powerful healing factor, almost akin to immortality, allowing him to live for centuries. This also allowed him to regenerate from most injuries, made him immune to disease, enabled him to adapt to most environments and allowed him to retain a youthful appearance.


Charlotte B. Lord Edit

According to Charlotte's words, Leonardo loved his daughter very much and was constantly doting on her.

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