Prismatic Garden
UnlimitedFafnir v11
Cover of Unlimited Fafnir Volume 11, featuring 'Black' Vritra
Vital statistics
Kanji 銃皇無尽のファフニール 11: プリズマティック・ガーデン
Romaji Jūō Mujin no Fafunīru 11: Purizumatikku Gāden
Author Tsukasa
Illustrator Korie Riko
Published on April 1, 2016
Published by Kodansha Bunko
Publication order
Previous Invisible Successor
Next Darkness Disaster

Prismatic Garden is the eleventh volume of the Unlimited Fafnir series. It was released on April 1, 2016.


Midgard's invasion has been overcome, with Yuu and everyone welcoming their new daily lives. And now, Kili, Vritra, Shion and Jeanne move into the academy. With new comrades being added to the academy, and things such as the game showdown and the yukata festival, everything becomes very lively. However, the peaceful days will not last long. The strange state of Vritra. The disturbing atmosphere around Mitsuki. And a certain confession between Yuu and Mitsuki. Within the sweet reverberation, Yuu’s answer is—

“Thou have already encountered this 'darkness'.”

This is the beginning of the end. The clock accelerates towards the conclusion. Even if those feelings are fake, even if the darkness tries to swallow you, I will never let go of your hand—. The eleventh volume of the Unlimited School Battle Action starts!


New CharactersEdit