Crimson Catastrophe
Volume 3 Front
Cover of Unlimited Fafnir Volume 3, featuring Mitsuki Mononobe
Vital statistics
Kanji 銃皇無尽のファフニール 3: クリムゾン・カタストロフ
Romaji Jūō Mujin no Fafunīru 3: Kurimuzon Katasutorofu
Author Tsukasa
Illustrator Korie Riko
Published on December 27, 2013
Published by Kodansha Bunko
Publication order
Previous Scarlet Innocent
Next Spirit Howling

Crimson Catastrophe is the third volume of the Unlimited Fafnir series. It was released on December 23, 2013.


'Red' Basilisk has finally began to move. With Basilisk turning the sea in its line of sight to salt, Mitsuki and the Counter-Dragon Squad decide to fight at an uninhabited volcanic island in order to hide from its sight by using long-range attacks. However, the fact that Mitsuki killed Miyako Shinomiya with her own hands during the battle with 'Purple' Kraken causes a slight rift between Mitsuki and Lisa. Confrontation, cooperation and—hot springs (!). Even with wavering hearts, can the girls fight to protect Midgard…?

“I will protect Nii-san!”

“No, I will protect you.”

Those which can’t be reached anymore. Those who proceed to rise up here and now. Beyond the crimson-stained end, where each of their feelings go towards to—. The third volume of the Unlimited School Battle Action starts!


New CharactersEdit