Infinity World
Cover of Light Novel Volume EX, featuring Iris Freyja and Mitsuki Mononobe
Vital statistics
Kanji 銃皇無尽のファフニール EX: インフィニティ・ワールド
Romaji Jūō Mujin no Fafunīru EX: Infiniti Wārudo
Author Tsukasa
Illustrator Korie Riko
Published on March 30, 2018
Published by Kodansha Bunko
Publication order
Previous Unlimited Shine
Next None

Infinity World is an extra volume of the Unlimited Fafnir series, containing a compilation of short stories taking place across the timeline of the main story. It was released on March 30, 2018

Synopsis Edit

Looking back, we see the road up until this point. What we pave from now, is the road ahead.

For instance, radiantly illuminated, the girls' everyday life. Or perhaps, memories of the beginning, elucidated from various encounters. And now, a certain incident that occurred in the middle of the Christmas party. Scenes of days that will never fade on this road. That is surely, what we had wished for and fought to protect, the irreplaceable 'present'...

[Thank you, for when we first met on this day, a year ago.]

Various episodes of this Unlimited School Battle Action, featured in different medias, now complied in this short story volume!

Chapters Edit

  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1 - Girls' Talk
  • Chapter 2 - Fafnir Zero
  • Chapter 3 - Merry Christmas
  • Epilogue
  • Afterword

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