A list of organizations in the Unlimited Fafnir series.


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Asgard is an international organization established shortly after the first Dragon disaster with the purpose of dealing with dragon-related issues worldwide. It exerts a large amount of influence in the world and has several research laboratories, with the most prominent one being the First Laboratory in Tokyo Bay. Asgard has two branch organizations, NIFL, who is the military branch, and Midgard, an educational facility for Ds.

Dragon-hating OrganizationsEdit

Dragon-hating organizations were born from people who despised the dragons and those who worshiped them. Despite being termed as such, those organizations only clashed with dragon worshipers and prosecuted Ds, since they lacked the power to go against dragons. Because of their similar ideologies, many dragon-hating organizations were absorbed by NIFL and acted as regional branches.

Dragon-worshiping OrganizationsEdit

Dragon-worshiping cults were created from people who felt helpless against the Dragons' power and decided to revere them instead as a form of escape. Such cults are often responsible for acts of terrorism around the world and oftenly clash with NIFL troops.

Sons of MuspellEdit

One of the most famous Dragon cults, led by the D Kili Surtr Muspelheim. The Sons of Muspell were responsible for multiple acts of terrorism and hold great influence around the world, evident by the fact that they were able to prepare an entire hotel for Kili upon her request.

Highwalker GroupEdit

The Highwalker Group is a large business conglomerate in Western Europe with numerous subsidiaries owned by Lisa Highwalker's parents, Mark and Linda Highwalker. Not only are he and his wife major sponsors for Midgard, the Highwalker Group shares intimate ties with NIFL, as the majority of the weapons used by NIFL are manufactured in the Group's factories.


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  • Asgard's name originates from one of the Nine Worlds in Norse Mythology, which is the home of the Aesir.