Tokyo is a location in Asia and the capital city of Japan.


Tokyo shares a similar history to the real location up until 25 years prior to the start of the series when the Dragons and Ds first appeared, having been one of the places to have sustained damage by the Dragons. Due to Japan having the highest emergence of Ds, during its reconstruction, many Asgard facilities were built on the city's reclaimed land alongside Tokyo Bay's shore. Furthermore, a large-scale NIFL base was also build, which is an important stronghold against Dragons from Tokyo's perspective. The people who promoted the construction of these facilities were Asgard's first leader and Japan's prime minister at the time.

The city first appeared in Volume 6, when the Dragon Subjugation Squad came to the city's NIFL base in order to search for a way to defeat 'Green' Yggdrasil. Later around this time, the very same dragon appeared in Tokyo, causing catastrophes and blackouts as it continued to grow, until it was neutralized by the Dragon Subjugation Squad. In the aftermath of the battle, several areas of Tokyo were damaged along with the NIFL base.


Tokyo has a magnificent scenery at night, illuminated by bright streetlights. The sky has been described as showing a murky purple-red hue with almost no stars visible aside from the moon hanging high in the night sky with the occasional aircraft lights crossing back and forth. Red lights flash on the roofs of high-rise buildings, while countless dots of light leak out from windows, decorating the brightness of urban areas.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Asgard Facilities
    • NIFL Base
  • Amusement Park