True Dragon is a term used in Unlimited Fafnir to describe calamities that threaten the continued existence of the world as a whole. So far, eight True Dragons have already appeared in the world, while the Ninth's arrival is imminent.


True Dragons are calamities that have the power to thoroughly wipe out all ecosystems and enviroments on Earth. Despite being labelled Dragons, those calamities are not limited to lifeforms, but can include phenomena as well. One such example was the Second True Dragon 'Ultimate Wisdom' Atlantis, the first alien species to arrive on Earth, whose civilization and technology was regarded as a Dragon. In order to oppose them, the world gave birth to Counterdragons, beings with their own Authorities tailored to defeat the True Dragons. Such an example is 'Verdant' Kiskanu, who obtained the authority to manipulate information and control electricity in order to eliminate the technology of Atlantis. However, each True Dragon's threat level is greater than the previous one (with the exception of the Eighth), leading to the world's destruction at the hands of the Seventh True Dragon. Although the world was reconstructed by 'Black' Vritra, she has stated that the coming Ninth True Dragon will completely destroy the world, citing that the Seventh Dragon was 'only a prelude'.

List of True DragonsEdit

'Hell' GehennaEdit

The First True Dragon, also known as the infernal realm bringing lives to an end.

'Ultimate Wisdom' AtlantisEdit

The Second True Dragon, also known as the visitor transcending infinity.

'True Obliteration' RagnarokEdit

The Third True Dragon, also known as the twilight devouring the gods.

'Heavy Tremor' NovaEdit

The Fourth True Dragon, also known as the unstoppable quaking.

'Eternal Longevity' BahamutEdit

The Fifth True Dragon, also known as absolute life of singular completion.

'Anomalous Dawn' NyarlathotepEdit

The Sixth True Dragon, also known as chaos of indeterminacy.

'Disasterification' ApocalypseEdit

The Seventh True Dragon, also known as a surging swell of violence.

'Transcendent Soul' HumanoidEdit

The Eighth True Dragon, also known as wisdom that had returned.

'Demise' AngolmoisEdit

The Ninth True Dragon, which is currently only known as the main body of Apocalypse, the Seventh True Dragon.


  • Kili hypothesized that there is something particularly attractive about Earth to True Dragons, as logically speaking, being a creature that absorbs heat, the Fifth True Dragon, 'Eternal Longevity' Bahamut, should have targeted the sun, being a far greater source of thermal energy than Earth.